Plan your wedding with ease and joy!

Wedly helps you to keep your wedding planning on track, easily handle all the routine tasks, and focus on your dreams

Congratulations! Now you are engaged and ready to plan your wedding! You are planning everything in advance - well done!

You will have to think through many details… Wedding day plan, budget, time, sitting plan, amount of beverages to buy…

«I sit and do not have any clue what to start with.
I have to think through so many things!»

— this was the first thought of all the brides…

That’s why we have created our wedding planning tools that simplify everything.

It’s so easy that you can take it into use just in couple of minutes!

Enjoy our 11 tools for planning your dream wedding

  • Guest list
    • — Contact info
    • — Tags
    • — Send out RSVPs and keep an eye on who is going to come
  • Todo list
    • — Keep on track of your tasks
    • — Email reminders
  • Seating chart
    • — Round and square tables
    • — Easy to change
    • — Print out the chart
  • Vendor contacts
    • — Keep all your vendor contact info in one place
  • Budget
    • — Plan your budget in advance
    • — Track all of your expenses
  • Gift list
    • — Create your gift list
    • — Guests can mark online what gift they choose to present
  • Wedding day timeline
    • — Wedding day timeline for your guests and wedding planner
    • — Download and print out
  • Guest surveys
    • — Ask your guests their food and drink preferences, dietary restrictions or anything else
  • Notebook
    • — All ideas and details in one place
    • — Save and share with your fiancé and wedding planner
  • Drink calculator
    • — Calculate the amount of beverages per each guest
    • — Total sum of bottles for the whole wedding day
  • Blog
    • — share your wedding planning news with friends

With our wedding planning tools you can:

Streamline all the wedding planning process and get visibility of all upcoming steps just in couple of hours
Plan your wedding together with your loved one and friends
Easily share all the information with guests
Enjoy the planning process!

Maybe notebook is a better option?

Let’s compare to be sure how it’s easier to plan a wedding — using a notebook or our online planning tools


Difficult to share timeline and all other details with guests
Should ask all guests separately writing everything down and making own summary
Easily to get messed up what contracts are saved in whose phone
Explain separately all the details to everybody who wants to take part in the planning
Should separately type everything to save on computer
Notebook should be always with you; it’s not possible to share the information online

Online planning tools

Easily share all the information with friends; send out RSVPs online
Find out with the questionnaire what food guests would prefer, dietary restrictions, etc. and get the summary of all answers
Contacts of all vendors in one place easily accessible by both bride and groom
Bridesmaids, groomsmen and other friends can get easily engaged in the planning process
Can print out the sitting chart, wedding day timeline and vendors’ contacts
All the information is always available online from any device including your phone

How to start?

Create an account
Add information about your wedding
Start planning!

How much would you value your Happiness and Peace of Mind?

Confidence that everything goes as planned? Only 10 euro one-time payment after 14 days trial! You and everyone engaged will get an access to all our tools to plan your dream wedding during 2 years.